Modern Sliding Door Hardware Comes to Tanzania!

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Sleek, contemporary sliding door hardware, for residential and commercial interiors, are now available at DIY! The new sliding door hardware is designed, engineered and manufactured by Hafla, a company known for making extraordinary products for every day use.

The sliding door solutions aren’t just stunning, but create sliding door systems which save space are useful for a variety of purposes. Do you want to create a new room? Add an office? Or split one room into two? No problem! Sliding doors slide right to your rescue. All you have to do is decide which hardware style and door material you like best.

You can also use these stylish sliding door systems to close off a room or to hide an unsightly closet or alcove. In just a few hours watch your room go from cluttered to sleek!

Also, be sure to check-out Hafla’s HAF-321 Barn Doors. The only word that accurately describes these is reinvention. A modern twist on an old classic. These top-hung doors slide along a decorative rail to quickly and elegantly close off a room.

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